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Owen Wilson is Doing Great, Thanks by Ryan D’Agostino

I was going to recommend a new book I’m reading but it’s taken a slow turn and I’m not sure I can give it the Books & Biceps seal of approval just yet. Over the years I’ve developed a somewhat bulletproof system of picking new books from a variety of trusted sources, fellow writers I’ve enjoyed and reviewers I respect.

But occasionally, one slips through the cracks (or more likely) I just don’t connect with the story or writing for some reason. No harm, no foul. But I started writing B&B to share books that I liked with you, not to dump on fellow authors (unless your name is Thomas Hardy and you passed away almost 100 years ago and I feel comfortable saying that he was mostly unreadable because I had to take an entire course on his writing in college and maaaaaan was he brutal).

Notwithstanding my longstanding Hardy hate, I thought I’d share a magazine cover story that I found fun and carefree and overall really well done.

The feature was written by Ryan D’Agostino for Esquire and his subject was Owen Wilson. Or should I say, his subject was an internal monologue of what it’s like to try to write a cover story on Owen Wilson. The story, like Wilson, was quirky and although it uses the standard cover story devices (eating with a celebrity, going on a small adventure with a celebrity) it feels totally natural given that it’s Wilson and makes for a breezy, well done read. Check it out here.


Rather than take you to a specific workout this week, I want to share some research that a longtime ago colleague of mine from Men’s Fitness shared regarding muscle growth and strength. His name is Sean Hyson and he used to be the Editor in Chief for Onnit as well as a number of other high level fitness brands. He knows his stuff, is what I’m saying, and if you want to learn about what the most recent studies show about the optimal rep ranges and effort needed to grow big, this breakdown he gave is terrific. You can read it here.

O.K. I also made up this circuit on Sunday morning and it was great. In honor of Owen Wilson we’ll call it:

The Wedding Crasher

4 x 1 minute Jump Rope

4 x 10 Slam Balls

4 x 10 Kettle Bell Swings

4 motorboatin’ son of a bitches*


*this isn’t a real thing but if you’re reading this you get it


“Charisma is the perfect blend of warmth and confidence.”

- Vanessa Van Edwards


I found my photo diary from my research trip to Thomasville, Georgia from when I wrote Charlie Ward’s biography and I shared some cool pics here.

I’ve written in stuffy airports, crappy motels, gyms, locker rooms, football fields, basketball courts, boxing rings and even on a mat at Brock Lesnar’s training compound in Minnesota, but I think this 92 degree pool deck in FL at my daughter’s swim practice wins for hottest I mean check out my set-up.

And we had a good time going back and forth on Twitter with Tommy Boy quotes after this post. Enjoy.

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