a glorious reveal

your Books & Biceps exclusive look at the chapters in '1996: A Biography'

Hey, it’s Jon! I wanted to give you all a special sneak preview of the new chapters in my upcoming book:

1996: A Biography - Reliving the Legend-Packed, Dynasty-Stacked Most Iconic Sports Year Ever

Have you ever seen the confusing Tom Cruise movie Vanilla Sky? There’s a great line in there about Cruise being a “pleasure delayer” and let me tell you, being an author is all about delaying pleasure.

You come up with an idea, brainstorm it, hone it, craft a proposal and pitch it and if you’re lucky someone buys it and then you actually have to research and write the damn thing and a year or even two might pass from the time you had the idea to the time a reader has the finished product in their hands. It’s an amazing timeline and you’ve got to keep your energy up throughout the whole thing. Well….

In the case of 1996, to borrow a line from a totally different movie, “We’re in the Endgame now.”

The book comes out in two months and I wanted to share the chapter list with you, my loyal and awesome Books & Biceps readers.

The list of chapters is so glorious and magnificent that I had to break it up into two parts, graphic-wise.

Check out the chapters below and then please, pre-order the book and let’s flex this baby up to #1!